Working life mama… 

Just last week I returned back to my old job since my temporary Christmas job finished and it already feels like I never left!

Returning back there was something I’ve spent almost the whole last year deciding if it was right for us now I’ve got 2 little men to look after too. Admittedly I’m exhausted.. I’ve dropped from 16 hours a week down to 12, but it’s already killing me! Luckily for me, I only work 3 evenings a week. It means I get to spend the days with my boys, and head off to work after they’ve had dinner but it’s hard work, usually coming home to a baby who is either awake or shortly due his next feed. And being woken early after not getting home until late. 

Since Husbot changed his job while I was on maternity leave though it’s really thrown our routine out. We now have to rely on people to have the boys until he’s home as I work times cross over. I just feel like I’m palming them off to people and they’re quite a handful when they’re together! 

Surprisingly, I’m not feeling half as bad as I expected being back. It’s strange though, doesn’t feel like I’ve had a whole year off. I was pretty anxious, Little doesn’t exactly settle well at night and I can’t bare the thought of him just crying until I eventually get home. But he has been better than expected, and I’m starting to feel like I can do this! 

Returning to work wasn’t a decision we (well I) took lightly. My ideal would have been to be a stay at home mum but things don’t always turn out the way we plan right? When it comes down to it… I really really like to spend money and without me working means budgeting carefully… neither of us are good at budgeting! 

On that note… feel free to leave me your best budgeting tips! We’ve got some money to save this year… and I have no idea how to stop my spending habit!!! 

1 thought on “Working life mama… ”

  1. We’ve saved money by changing where we shop. No more Tesco or Asda. Aldi! We make a meal plan and try and stick to it and I look out for deals to bulk buy where I can (for example amazon sometimes does a deal on wipes or nappies). Hope you feel a bit less exhausted soon. X


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