A healing birth: Elective Caesarean story

It's the strangest feeling being given an exact date in advance of when your baby is going to arrive. I quite liked the feeling of knowing when our bump would be born, but I slightly missed the anticipation of everything kicking off and having the 'is this it?!' moments. I didn't want to reveal the… Continue reading A healing birth: Elective Caesarean story

Why I’m not ‘lucky’ to be able to breastfeed

I really hate this term getting thrown about. I'm 'lucky' to be able to breastfeed... apparently! So I'm going to explain..  I'm gonna go all out here and say luck really hasn't come into it but it seems things I hear often are 'You're so lucky your milk came in', 'you're so lucky your baby… Continue reading Why I’m not ‘lucky’ to be able to breastfeed

Review: Haakaa breastpump

This lovely little pump arrived with me recently. I have seen this pump raved about on many of the breastfeeding support groups I am part of, so I'm glad I have had the chance to try it myself. First impressions were that the Haakaa was smaller than I expected but that's certainly not a down side, it's… Continue reading Review: Haakaa breastpump