My ‘Konmari’ journey…

One of my goals this year was to get my house in order, frankly it’s full of stuff… Stuff we don’t need, nor have space for! 

I stumbled across the Konmarie method some how on Facebook and a lovely friend sent me the book which I read right away. The book is written by Marie Kondo, and the first book is entitled ‘the life-changing magic of tidying up’ just what I needed! In the book Marie talks about her method, why it’s important to follow the catagories she lists, in the order she lists and how we should only keep items which ‘spark joy’ in our lives. Admittedly I’m skeptical, but as I said, we have a lot of crap! So I’m going to give it a go!  
I’m going to share some before pictures below so I can keep a record, and so you can all see my changes (if I succeed!) 

I quite often avoid inviting people who aren’t my very closest friends round because of the clutter even though the majority of the house is tidy. While I imagine some people will think I don’t have much clutter it’s all relative and I feel like I have tons and it makes me anxious to look at! I don’t like putting pictures of my boys online if there’s too much clutter in the background as I’m embarrassed but here goes.. 

Our toy shelves. So ugly to look at, and not joy sparking!

My non joy sparking, junk filled book shelves 😦

And the awful amount of ‘stuff’ on our wardrobe!

The first catagory on the list for the Konmari method is clothes! I’m going to begin this right away and sticking to the order of the book as I want this to be a success. I’m quite expecting to end up with not many clothes after this but I appear to often wear the same things most days anyway, so I guess this won’t be an issue! 

I’ll keep updated with my progress! 

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