A letter to my big, for your birthday..

To my big man, 

As you turn 4 I’m looking back at how fast these years have flown by, from the little 8lb 9oz bundle passed to me as I had just turned 19, to the big, strong boy you are today. 

The last 4 years have been hard work, and this past year possibly the hardest when we turned your whole world upside down by bringing another baby into this world. And although you hit and lash out at him, watching you two play together melts my heart. 

You are a sweet, caring and loving little man, when you want to be! I miss the days I could sit and stare at you all day while you slept in my arms. 

I’m sorry that I shout and get angry, I’ve never wanted to make you cry. When you tell me I’ve made you sad I could cry myself, And hold you in my arms so you know just how much I care for you.

I love you my big little man. 

Mummy xxx 

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