When 4 became 5… our Tiny is here!

It feels like we’ve been waiting forever, but it’s also gone really fast… how? I have no idea! But finally we can announce the news that our teeny tiny bump is here. We didn’t find out the sex of baby during the pregnancy, but I’m very very over the moon to announce we had a BABY GIRL! At 39 weeks pregnant we drove to the hospital for my elective c section, which was amazing by the way! And our little miss arrived. I’ll write up a full birth story when I get the opportunity, but all I can say is what an experience. I have spent the last 6 days on a constant high, filled with emotions and my heart is bursting with love.

She is the most chilled out, content, happy little person. A stark contrast to Mr Little who spent 7 months of his life crying and attached to me. Honestly if I didn’t have to feed her and change her I wouldn’t even notice we had a baby! I’m super sure this will change as she grows up but currently she’s laying right across my chest fast asleep!

Something that really had me worried if how Little would cope with bringing a new baby into the house, I spent a good few weeks trying to explain to him over and over that the baby in my tummy was coming to live with us, I showed him pictures of babies it seems to have paid off. Surprisingly when asked where the baby in my belly has gone he points to Tiny and says ‘there!’ At 22 months I was really surprised that it’s sunk in so much, but both the boys are ever so in love. They adore their cuddles with her, want to kiss her and snuggle her all the time. My current favourite, heart melting moment is when Little strokes her face and comes out with ‘aw soft!’

For now that’s all.

‘BigLittleTinyandMe’ xx

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