What a week.. 

I feel like I haven’t stopped this week. It’s been a blur of challenging behaviour from the Big, mixed with emotions of looking round primary schools.. How can he be growing up already?

I haven’t had much chance to sit down and write recently, but after a shocking bed time again I need to vent! Why on earth do my children not sleep?! It’s one or the other. Tonight Little was so tired, he skipped his afternoon nap so I started bedtime around 6pm. Much earlier than usual for both boys, but I’d had enough of the backchat from the biggest so bedtime it was. We got big in his pj’s, all 3 went to his room and read a book. He chose a ‘Mr Men’ Christmas book (yay). Then he laid down and I took Little to my room to get him off. Surprisingly he started to drift easily. Until he was rudely distracted by Big’s 10,000 reasons not to sleep including ‘I want a new bed! ‘I don’t want screws in the wall mummy’ over and over again! Finally both boys drifted off. I got Little into his cot easily. Just as daddy arrived home. Chill time! We’ve recently bought a video baby monitor – why did I not get one before?! It’s really useful as Little’s cot is joined to my bed and until now I couldn’t leave him unattended asleep in my room incase he fell. Instead I now spend my evenings watching him on the monitor! Haha! 

I can’t even remember half the things we have done this week I just feel we haven’t stopped! Christmas list writing has taken up a lot of my time – I still have so much to buy! tomorrow is our usual busy Friday. I have my peer supporter course in the morning, then Big has swimming in the afternoon. I’m just waiting for Monday to roll around as I’m incredibly nervous about starting my new job on Saturday. Next week I’ll update on life as a working mama again! Firstly I’ve got to make it through my first day Saturday! Wish me luck!! 

1 thought on “What a week.. ”

  1. My heart goes out to you; I really hope this new week is better for you all. They do indeed grow so quickly and what joys and challenges that bring, hey. Children’s sleep has a life of its own, doesn’t it Thankfully, it’s one of those things that do eventually fall into place; but lots of persevering before then.

    You’re doing good, hang on in there.


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