Review: ‘My Little Sous-chef’ cookbook

I feel like my blog so far is pretty much focused on my Little. But recently I was given the opportunity to review a new twin cookbook set from My Little Sous-chef. The set includes a parent cookbook, and a cookbook just for your little sous-chef!  We were kindly sent e-versions of the twin cook books in exchange for this review, so me and Big got to work and chose two recipe’s he liked the look of. He chose the sausage rolls (something he loves!) and he also chose the rocky road.. he loves chocolate too!!

We loaded up both versions of the book onto my iPad, and got to work. the instructions in both the parents book and the children’s book were clear, simple and easy to follow. The diagrams in the childrens book were super and helpful to show my Big what he needed to do as he is too young to read!

Firstly, we made rocky road – this was the best part according to Big! He had quite a few jobs to do for the recipe, starting with breaking up the biscuits which he really enjoyed. Big has always liked the idea of cooking with me but he is usually quite difficult to keep engaged. The illustrations showing him his tasks really helped with his engagement. When we finished the mix and popped it in the fridge he kept asking how long until we could eat it!

Mr Big did begin to get tired before we made the second recipe – sausage rolls so my apologies for the lack of pictures for this one. He demanded I put the camera away!

The recipe for the sausage rolls again was easy, simple to follow in both cook books and although grumpy Big did keep himself engaged for the most part, he was busy looking through the illustrations telling me what I had to do next, and naming all the ingredients. Another thing I really love is in the children’s book, there are pictures showing each ingredient so even for the things Big didn’t know (parsley for example) he could see what he needed to add into the mix. The books are great for encouraging children to be independent; everything that can be done by the child is in the childrens book for them to do.

Here are the finished products! Very yummy according to the whole family! The sausage rolls that are left (yes, just an hour after they came out the oven they have almost all gone!) will be popped in Big’s packed lunch box for preschool and if Mr biglittleandme (aka Daddy!) is lucky enough he might get one for lunch too!

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We were kindly sent a copy of My little sous-chef in exchange for this review but all opinions are my own. 


2 thoughts on “Review: ‘My Little Sous-chef’ cookbook”

  1. Oh wow these look so yummy! And looks like you both had a fun time doing them 🙂 I’d definitely need the little cookbook as I cannot cook anything for toffee but it’s so good that you got both so you could do them together! I always imagine Bear would love to do things like this with me when he’s bigger! Xx


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