The dreaded sick bug!

It’s October and the first sick bug of the winter has struck us down.. 

One by one and guess who’s last on the list?! 

We spent Friday night in hospital after Little banged his head coincidentally a few hours before the sick bug started with him. Breastfeeding is supposed to reduce the chances of stomach bugs… Not in this case it seems! He was discharged Saturday after his neuro obs were fine and it turned out it was a bug rather than a serious head injury. Next it was the turn of daddy! Now he’s feeling better Big has been struck with it. 😭😭 I hate sick! Don’t we all?! But guess who’s next on the list… Mama bear! 

I’m really hoping some how I escape this, last night I felt awful – found some anti sickness tablets in my drawer from pregnancy with Little and hoped for the best, the sickness went but I woke with a killer headache! I’m so hoping the nausea was it for me, but knowing my luck I won’t be so lucky… 
I’m just thankful my Little is all good, he had me so worried and I’ve never seen him so poorly! He fell asleep on the hospital bed sucking his thumb while I stroked his belly, which has never ever happened before! 

Keep your fingers crossed for me guys… I cannot be sick while looking after 2 cheeky little boys! 

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