37 weeks pregnant 

Okay, this has been a long time coming 🙈 

I assumed no one read my blog but to my surprise a few people have asked when I was going to post again. Maybe I needed that little pick me up! 

I can’t believe that our little surprise bump is for a start, not very little anymore! I’m feeling rather large. It’s been a long time since I last posted and a lot has gone on since then. Generally I’ve been feeling pretty well. Big & Little have been keeping me on my toes really, the school run ensures I’m getting a little bit of exercise and makes sure that I am actually getting dressed every day. It might only be leggings and a baggy top but it gives me some motivation atleast. I’ve reached the point where I don’t really tend to make the effort so hey, I’ve been wearing these leggings for 3 days but comfort is my priority right now! 

I’ve had 3 more scans since I last updated. We had a 3/4D scan at 28 weeks, which was amazing! I can’t believe we never bothered with the boys. We went as a family in an attempt to get the boys to ‘bond’ with the baby. Big was interested, Little couldn’t care any less really! Baby didn’t really play ball as much as we hoped, it stayed asleep snuggled into my placenta pretty much for the whole scan. We did get a few good pictures though, and I’m pretty sure baby looks very much like little did when he was newborn! We have also have growth scans at 32 & 36 weeks, in the hope we can keep an eye on the size of this one. But it appears bump is measuring averagely – not really a surprise though as we had this last time and I still popped out a big one despite being told he was average! At my scan last week they estimated baby to be approx 6lb 1oz… something I would have to see to believe though!! 

In regards to birth options this time I have decided to go ahead with my original plan and book in for an elective Caesarian section. I had been toying with the idea of letting nature take its course but the risk of another shoulder dystocia delivery really worries me. We have come to the agreement though that had I labour naturally before my scheduled date then I will continue with the natural labour and vaginal birth.. but I think it’s highly unlikely baby will be early! This time round I have booked in with a hospital around 45 minutes away, I get the impression that some of the staff at our local hospital were quite offended I didn’t want to birth there, but frankly it’s more to do with my mental health rather than the care I received there. I certainly can’t complain about the treatment last time everyone was helpful and wanted what was best for me… but it’s a firm no for delivering there! 

My c section date will be in a minimum of 2 weeks, maximum of 3 although the date still isn’t confirmed, it’s a bit of a pain as I’m trying to arrange childcare – it’s a lot harder to sort when you’ve got one that needs to be at school everyday! But I try and reassure myself that had I been going naturally I wouldn’t know when baby was going to arrive. I’m still pretty anxious about having the surgery though, and how I will cope on my own when Mr BigLittleandMe returns to work after just 7 days off! But I’m sure we will manage, our family and friends are supportive and many of Big’s friends parents have already offered to help with him and school runs which is amazing (and a relief!) 

I could ramble on forever! But for now I’ll leave you with some pictures. 

Hopefully I’ll remember to update again before I pop this little one out… I had planned a ‘what’s in our hospital bag’ post so maybe I’ll crack on with that! 

This one really resembles Little!
36weeks and 3 days!

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