38 weeks, tired and fed up! 

38 weeks now, feeling rather fed up and frustrated. I feel like I’ve gone from feeling amazing, to hitting a brick wall with hospital appointment after hospital appointment in these final days. We do finally have our date for our c section and I’m very much looking forward to it but the anxiety around the whole situation is really affecting me currently. 

As I’ve chosen a hospital which isn’t under the trust where I lives its stated to complicate things slightly now I’m needing a bit of extra care in these last few weeks. My iron levels have dropped rather low, which meant the doctors wanted me in for an iron infusion. I’m so glad, as I’ve been feeling very drained it meant a very early start to get to the hospital an hour away. Up and out the door for 6.30am – and I was still late! Thanks trafffic!! Although, sitting here with the drip in is actually giving me chance to write! Then we’re back at the hospital again on Sunday for blood tests and then hopefully the next time we come back – we will be leaving with a baby! 

It does seem quite strange this time to have a date set for babies arrival. We’ve made our childcare plans and all ready to go, fingers crossed baby doesn’t have other ideas before we get to the day! I’m sill very anxious about leaving Mr Little overnight. We’ve decided to drop him off at 6am on route to the hospital rather than the night before. A few weeks ago I liked the idea of dropping him off to nanny and going out for a nice meal with husband, but Little is very much still my baby and I’ve spent days crying about leaving him so dropping him off early in the morning will probably be best! 

It’s surprising how anxious I’m feeling leading up to the birth again. I’m constantly worrying if I’ve made the wrong choice having a c section, the recovery with the boys to look after isn’t going to be the best thing but I’m sure I’ll manage. I decided to take some time out last weekend to just take some care of myself and try and relax so I booked in for a pregnancy massage – amazing! Highly recommend! It’s so nice to just lay and relax and be pampered in peace! 

If anyone has any tips to clam my nerves over the the next week feel free to let me know… and how on earth am I going to cope with 3 children? The reality has hit! 🙈

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