It’s not all sunshine and smiling selfies – life update

Okay so it’s been a long time since I’ve even thought about writing, but right now feels like a good time. The last 3.5months has been a blur of ups, downs and lots and lots of post baby hormones! Tiny is coming up 4 months already and woah hasn’t time just flown by? With each… Continue reading It’s not all sunshine and smiling selfies – life update

A healing birth: Elective Caesarean story

It's the strangest feeling being given an exact date in advance of when your baby is going to arrive. I quite liked the feeling of knowing when our bump would be born, but I slightly missed the anticipation of everything kicking off and having the 'is this it?!' moments. I didn't want to reveal the… Continue reading A healing birth: Elective Caesarean story