A healing birth: Elective Caesarean story

It's the strangest feeling being given an exact date in advance of when your baby is going to arrive. I quite liked the feeling of knowing when our bump would be born, but I slightly missed the anticipation of everything kicking off and having the 'is this it?!' moments. I didn't want to reveal the… Continue reading A healing birth: Elective Caesarean story


37 weeks pregnant 

Okay, this has been a long time coming 🙈  I assumed no one read my blog but to my surprise a few people have asked when I was going to post again. Maybe I needed that little pick me up!  I can't believe that our little surprise bump is for a start, not very little… Continue reading 37 weeks pregnant 

Birth options following a shoulder dystocia delivery

Birth choices for a pregnancy after experiencing complications or traumatic events at delivery can be a difficult descion for most women (and their partners) sometimes you don't know what is for the best, and you are fighting between your head and your heart. You've got a consultant telling you the risk of this, the risk… Continue reading Birth options following a shoulder dystocia delivery