Birth trauma & PTSD #HearMyVoice 

In light of birth trauma awareness day (14th march) I wanted to dedicate a post to my experience of birth trauma and PTSD. #HearMyVoice is a campaign to raise awareness and end the stigma surrounding birth trauma.  For those who haven't read my birth story I wanted to share a brief recap of what happened… Continue reading Birth trauma & PTSD #HearMyVoice 

Sleep… what’s that? 

Sleep appears to be a rare thing here... I knew babies didn't sleep, but at 13months I was kind of hoping something would click! But no. I haven't slept a full night in over 13months. Zzzz  I'm at such a loss these days with his sleep. We've tried to get him in a routine. He… Continue reading Sleep… what’s that? 

Why I’m not ‘lucky’ to be able to breastfeed

I really hate this term getting thrown about. I'm 'lucky' to be able to breastfeed... apparently! So I'm going to explain..  I'm gonna go all out here and say luck really hasn't come into it but it seems things I hear often are 'You're so lucky your milk came in', 'you're so lucky your baby… Continue reading Why I’m not ‘lucky’ to be able to breastfeed

Review: ‘My Little Sous-chef’ cookbook

I feel like my blog so far is pretty much focused on my Little. But recently I was given the opportunity to review a new twin cookbook set from My Little Sous-chef. The set includes a parent cookbook, and a cookbook just for your little sous-chef!  We were kindly sent e-versions of the twin cook books in exchange for this… Continue reading Review: ‘My Little Sous-chef’ cookbook