23 week bump update! 

Guess who planned to write this post a whole week, or two…  ago and got side tracked?! It’s been a busy few weeks here as usual!

But, this little bump of mine is growing, although thankfully I seem to be smaller than I was last time! I’m really, really hoping I can just have a baby that is a bit smaller this time.

Recently we had our 20 week scan, I’m really pleased Mr husband had the day off work so he could come with me. Was the first scan we had managed to attend without Little too which was nice, we could concentrate on seeing our little wriggler rather than trying to entertain a toddler. All is well with this little bump, and it is measuring below average currently! Baby was being uncooperative as expected, and we had to go for a little walk around the hospital to get it to move, it was happy curled up in a ball!  We managed to resist the temptation to find out the sex of our baby. Hardest thing ever as I have absolutely no will power!! But we did it… now to make it through the next scans without giving into the urge. I had been feeling this baby was a boy… but after seeing it on screen my feelings are torn now… it ‘looks’ like a girl on the scan picture, in comparison to the boys scans… but I don’t think that means much, and I’m sure it probably is a boy!!

I’ve been feeling generally well recently, my headaches are subsiding, but I’ve been on annual leave from work and I think work is the route of my headaches if I’m honest. I worked until 37 weeks last time but I can’t see me lasting that long again! I’m fed up, hormonal and I miss being at home in the evening! I’m already planning to leave much earlier this time round, I’m planning for leaving around 34 weeks. Last time I really struggled to stay comfortable sitting on an office chair with my back and hip pain, and the constant need to pee every single minute of every hour!!

I’m really enjoying my second trimester of pregnancy, I know many women feel they don’t get their anticipated pregnancy glow.. and I’m certainly not glowing due to my teenage-like spotty skin (Thanks hormones!!)  I am certainly feeling better.. more energy, more drive and maybe slightly more motivation to move off my pregnant bum and stop eating all the food in sight!!


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