18 weeks pregnant! 

I’m not really sure I can get over the fact this pregnancy is flying by. I am completely unprepared to have another baby in the house. These next 6 months really are going to be a mad rush with everything happening. I have a note book of lists, and I’ve almost ended up writing a list of lists!! I’ve got so much course work to catch up on for my access course which I really hoped to get finished this year, but feel like I’m going to just put it on hold nearer the time this baby arrives Earth side. 

All in all the pregnancy so far is going well. In the last few weeks I’ve started feeling the lovely little baby wiggles which are turning into little baby kicks, we can see them on the outside already. Over the last two weeks I feel like my bump has actually shrunk! Which is surprisingly nice, I’m already annoyed by people commenting on the size of me already. We have a wedding to attend at the end of July and I’m desperately hoping to fit in the non maternity dress I’ve ordered in a size up. 

People keep asking if I’ve had any cravings, I can’t say I’ve craved anything as such. My appetite is back and fourth though, somedays I’m super hungry and others I have to remind myself to eat. I’m finding certain foods I can’t get enough of when I’ve started eating though, like wotsits I ate 5 packs in one sitting a few days ago, I probably could have eaten all 12 bags in my cupboard if the boys didn’t interrupt my crisp eating with needing their own lunch! 

I’ve started buying some baby bits recently, althoug with the boys we knew the sex at this point so I have no idea quite how much of everything to buy!  So far I have bought some clothes, 7 white vests, and 3 sleepsuits , 2 packs of nappies and 2 packs of wipes. I’m thinking I could save up some money and do a big online shop from my hospital bed once he/she is here ready for my lovely husband to go and collect the next day as it’s likely I won’t be going anywhere fast for a few weeks! I’m excited to not find out what we’re having until the birth this time though. 

We still haven’t decided what to do in regards to the whole pushchair situation, do we buy a double or not? I 100% would like a new ringsling for bump, they’re so easy for a newborn and I much prefer them to stretchy wraps. Sling will probably be much easier on the school run that trying to put a double pushchair together! But we are going buggy shopping in a few weeks to see if anything takes my fancy. Little will be 22 months and I don’t think he will be happy enough to be walking everywhere, especially in the cold of December! 


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