Big, little and baby number three! 

This isn’t a post I planned to write for a long time, although I had a desire for another baby… one certainly wasn’t in my 5year plan! 


My first thoughts, oh fudge. I feel like all the other times I’ve thought ‘hm could I be pregnant?’ Then worried and stressed over it to find out my mind was playing tricks on me and there was no baby cooking… so this time I worked myself up over it, but got a little bit of a shock when I took the test! 

I haven’t written in such a long time, I’ve been plagued with nausea and exhaustion… I can’t believe how much harder pregnancy gets each time. Having to run round after two little ones while growing a baby is tiring work. Hence the fact my blog has been neglected. I’ve generally chosen to sleep at any opportunity I get. When Little goes down for his nap I usually jump into bed, ignoring all the housework and other tasks just so I can get much needed sleep. I’ve been avoiding going out simply so I could sleep when he did! But today I feel like I must write, and clean! Lots and lots of cleaning! 
I’m 15 weeks (and 3 days) pregnant already and since about 9 weeks time has just Allen by. My little bump is growing super fast, to the point I’m thinking I need to get my diet in check. I eat way too much rubbish and I’m concerned about gestational diabetes this time round. I seem to produce big babies and one of my worries is what if I had GD last time and didn’t know? The test here isn’t offered unless you have risk factors, which I didn’t with Little, but you never know! 

These past few days, as the pregnancy is progressing I’m really struggling to come to terms with the birth and my options going forward. I have plenty of time but I really do like to be organised and I need time to get mentally prepared for what is going to happen, and plan out some senarios in my head. I’m going to write a post on birth choices following shoulder dystocia after I have spoke to my consultant next month. 

So far all is well with this little baby, from 9-12 weeks I bled daily which was quite worrying but I was looked after by the lovely early pregnancy unit who were happy to scan me a few times to keep an eye on the bleed and it had reabsorbed fully by the time my 13 week scan rolled around. 

We’ve decided not to find out the sex of this baby. With both the boys I was really desperate to find out what we were having, simply I couldn’t wait. With Big I found out at 15+4 weeks and Little 15+6. Both times we paid to have an early scan just to determine the sex. Instead this time I have booked us a 4D scan package which we plan to take the boys, hopefully as a little bonding experience for them. I am really hoping we don’t get an accidental peak at baby’s genitals, at the scan but hopefully the sonographer can keep away from that area. I’m so much more excited not to find out, this is our 3rd and final baby and if this birth goes tits up too I really need something to take the focus away from that. That being said, I’ve just known deep down my babies were boys, and the feeling is the same for this one. Bump is always referred to as ‘him’ or ‘he’ and I’m not preparing for the fact it may be a girl, my instincts were strong the last two times and I feel like I’m such a boys mummy, I certainly don’t feel like it’s a girl. 

My symptoms this time around are pretty much the same as the boys. I feel slightly less sick than I did with previous pregnancies. But it is continuing for longer, I’m still feeling sick now every day, not all day admittedly but at least a few times every day. I’m getting headaches every single afternoon which are really bugging me. I work evenings and looking at a computer screen with an eye headache is really challenging. By the time I finish work I am literally exhausted but really trying hard to stay working. I had a lot of time of sick with Little and I’m trying to avoid that. 

I’m planning to do some two-weekly or monthly updates during the rest of the pregnancy for those who are interested. Along with other posts including my birth choices, and birth plan. Along with my 3rd baby equipment wants/needs, We’ll see if I can keep it up.

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