Growing apart.. 

This isn’t the first time I’ve posted about friendships. I’ve come to realise that it’s actually really difficult to end a friendship despite knowing you’ve grown apart. These people you used to have so much in common with and it’s gone now. Is it okay to mourn a friendship you once enjoyed? A friend who you thought you would be there for forever but things end up strained and difficult. You feel guilt for not being there despite the fact really you do try but life gets on top of you. These friends you would once tell every single little secret too and you get to the point you don’t even want them to know your secrets. 

It’s not nice to admit when you are in a friendship that isn’t working for you, because sometimes you feel guilt, and wonder what could you have done differently a bit like a relationship with a partner. Looking at the whole picture though, your feelings matter – not just theirs. Friendships are a two way thing. If someone doesn’t have time for you, should you have time for them? I’ve had friends in the past that constantly make subtle digs about little things, they probably think I never noticed but I’ve mostly ignored it because I didn’t want to fall out. 

I’ve said before I know I’m not the best friend in the world. Quite often I forget to reply to texts for a few days at a time, usually I’m being summoned to make drinks, get snacks or any other variety of keeping my boys entertained… but those good friends never make me feel bad, they know life is busy. They’re the ones who are always there, even when you don’t see them much. 

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