Sleep… what’s that? 

Sleep appears to be a rare thing here… I knew babies didn’t sleep, but at 13months I was kind of hoping something would click! But no. I haven’t slept a full night in over 13months. Zzzz 

I’m at such a loss these days with his sleep. We’ve tried to get him in a routine. He can’t have a bath everyday because his skin is so dry, but on the days I’m at home he has a feed in the dark in my room, then when he’s asleep or almost asleep I’ll pop him down in the cot, with singing twinkle twinkle a few times he’s usually asleep. For an hour… then he’s awake screaming again. 

He’s often much worse for daddy, I regularly arrive home from work to him either still awake at 10.30pm and daddy hasn’t eaten or been able to put him down. Or he wakes within minutes of me getting home for a feed then is up most of the night. Over night we do bedshare most of the time because it’s the only way we will actually get some sleep. Generally I don’t mind the nightfeeds its usually only once or twice and I don’t really notice but I just wish he would sleep in the evenings. I spend a lot of time in the evenings feeling really touched out. I have to get in the cot with Little to get him off to sleep. 

Desperately looking for some advice and tips, we like to stick to gentle parenting methods and I don’t want to leave him to cry it out, or controlled crying. 

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