A month on.. 

It’s been a whole month since I last posted! Things have been pretty hectic hear at Biglittleandme HQ! This mama is now working, only 12 hours a week but it’s 12 hours less time I get to write. 

My little is now 10 months old, he’s starting to walk now and is very proud of himself. My Big is getting very excited about his upcoming birthday party. It seems since starting preschool the parties have started coming thick and fast. His best friends party is the day before his, he has another in a few weeks. He seems to invite a new friend everytime he goes to preschool! I’m almost prepped for Christmas. Just got the hubster to buy for, although admittedly I can’t stop buying for my boys. 

I’m really looking forward to this Christmas, we’ve started the ‘Elf on the shelf’ tradition, although I must say I’m clearly lacking imagination compared to some posts I’m seeing, maybe next year I’ll be more prepared! Big is quite enjoying it, although I’m sure he’s not convinced! There’s no fooling him it seems. 

Apologies for the cruddy pictures, my not so trusty iPhone 6s has been in for repair. Never realised just how bad the camera was on my old 5s! And hey, guess what.. Apple say my phone – which cut out on 40% battery most days wasn’t broken anyways.. Hmf. We’ll see! 

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