Christmas shopping has begun!

Okay, okay.. its not quite October yet.. but I couldn’t help myself. Present number 2 for Big had landed today. I literally just love Christmas, no idea why!

Although we’ve got just over 2.5months to go, I’ve never felt so unorganised – two January birthdays to plan for also is exhausting.. Bad planning there Chezz!

Were going budget- friendly this year, Although, I say that EVERY year! I still haven’t returned to work following maternity leave and still haven’t really decided what my plans are for work and the Husbot is currently between jobs but im sure all will work out in the end.

The boys only have short lists so far, I guess that’s the thing with having two, hand me down toys! I feel like Little doesn’t need anything, and Big wants a bike, and a TV for his room but at almost 4 there is no chance he is having his own TV!

I’d love some ideas of ‘must-have’ toys for the boys if anyone has any! They will be almost 4, and almost 1.

I’ll keep you all updated with my Christmas purchases!



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