Big, little & me…

It’s always best to start from the beginning right?

Well here’s a brief story about big, little and me!

4.5years ago starts the usual boy meets girl, blah blah you get the drift. I met my wonderful husband, to be honest I don’t quite remember how! I *think* it started with me posting on Facebook about wanting a new car. I knew of him through people who hung about the car park #facepalm. He said he would help me look for cars and we got chatting from there. We didn’t find a car for me to buy, so I bought a brand new one instead. I was 18, carefree and had a full time job so money wasn’t an issue. My lovely little brand new, (not so) limited edition corsa was all mine in a matter of weeks. Her name was Domi (Domino)
After just 2 weeks (16 days to be exact) of my lovely brand new car, I had an inkling  something wasn’t right. I took a pregnancy test to ‘rule it out’ and that’s when we found out about big. He obviously wasn’t quite so big then, we nicknamed the teeny tiny human inside me ‘Jellytot’ we had a scan at 7 weeks and that’s exactly what the small flicker on the screen looked like. The months went by, things went great, still had my man by my side. (He has a name btw – Mike) and on the 3rd January 2013 my biggest man, Logan came Into the world. A young couple plunged into parenthood after less than a year of being a couple but it was great.
We shall skip the boring parts. But in April 2014 we got engaged. Stood on the south bank in London right by the London eye. I obviously said yes & got planning my dream wedding right away. We got married on 2nd August 2015 and it was perfect. I was 15weeks pregnant with little on the day.

Continuing from above, with a bit of backtrack. I always knew I wanted more than one child. I actually want 3 (maybe 4 🙈).

When the time finally came and I got the go ahead from the Husbot, as I call him. I had my coil removed and that was it. I expected things to take a while to be honest, I knew I wanted to be pregnant on the day we got married. I was hoping for around 4/6 weeks ish. But to my surprise we fell pregnant right away, the first month we tried! By this point it was May, A few months before the wedding. The thoughts running through my head, ‘what if I don’t fit my dress?’. ‘I hope I don’t suffer with too much sickness’ and one that kept running though ‘I’m supposed to be a bridesmaid in November!’ This little bean, my little, arrived at home on 30th January 2016. I’ll post a birth story for him at some point, I didn’t quite have the relaxing homebirth I had planned with him! But almost 6months on I’m slowly coming to terms with the trauma. Birth trauma is a real thing. After labour and birth being a dream with Big, I kinda just felt ‘Who knew!’

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